The Waterbeat Philosophy:


To help people to understand and care for their surroundings, we

strongly believe we should not just feed facts and figures into our

brains, but engage the whole body. Music and dance are wonderful

mediums for achieving this. In Waterbeat programs, science, math,

language arts and physical education are all blended together with

movement and music to create and educational experience that is

celebratory and can be experienced in the classroom, on the playground,

in a park, theater or library. Waterbeat programs use movements and

music, rather than worksheets and desk activities, to teach and

celebrate water education.

All around us water is constantly moving (dancing) around in creeks,

rivers, underground aquifers, evaporation, rain. We can incorporate

these movements and sounds into our own water bodies. Ask people to

move like a wave and then they know exactly what to do. Ask people to

make sounds of the rain and they will know what to do. We use this

inherent knowledge in all of our water beat programs.