Coronavirus/Covid 19 update
We miss seeing you in person! We are working with various agencies to provide free, online and hands on activities throughout the school year!
As always we highlight our unique blend of music, movement, humor and lots of science standards in all the material we create.
Please call us or email us if you would like to know more: (831) 426-0684 or
We look forward to seeing you soon!




Photos by Chris Bratt, stills from videos by Ed Schehl - Raindancer Media

Effective, engaging and entertaining ways to present:

- Water conservation - Watershed protection -
- Ocean and river ecology - Celebrating our water planet -


- School assemblies - Musical concerts - Teacher training -
- Theater performances - Curriculum developement -
- PSAs & Commercials - Workshops and Conferences -
- Videos - CDs and Books -

Over 20 Years Experience in Water Education and Entertainment